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Landowner Liability and Hunting

There is no doubt hunting and fishing is big business in Texas, to the tune of over $4 billion dollars annually. But when it comes to recreational access, especially hunting access on private land in Texas, the same question seems to consistently come up.  What about liability?   Interestingly, according to a 2002 article by […]

Investing In Land Is Investing In A Legacy

Leaving a legacy…as old age creeps into our skin, hair, eyes, and mind, we begin to take notice. Leaving a legacy…we consider what It might actually mean as life seems to become shorter and shorter. Leaving a legacy…means something different to each person. For some leaving a legacy might simply be leaving a piece of […]

Helicopter Deer Surveys

Helicopter Deer Surveys | Population Management is a Numbers Game By: Justin Bryan and Bob Zaiglin I have to admit there are few things in life I like more than being in a helicopter, on a well-managed ranch, flying deer surveys in the late summer of each year. I wouldn’t consider myself a “deer freak” […]

Mule Deer Hunting | Mule Deer Hunting Ranches

Mule Deer Hunting Ranches   If there was ever a game species that was highly sought after, it is the trophy mule deer. Hunting forums, Instagram (#muleycrazy, #muledeer), websites such as MonsterMuleys.com and publications such as Muley Crazy are devoted specifically to “monster” mule deer and are in a constant buzz. From Alberta to the […]

You Bought a Ranch or Farm, Now What?

Ranch or Farm Management | You Bought the Ranch or Farm, Now What? As we have evolved from a manager of a few foreclosed properties in the early 1980s to our current role as a representative of, more often than not, “non-resident” owners of ranches or farms, it has become increasingly clear that our position […]

Electrofishing Surveys

What’s in Your Lake? Electrofishing Can Provide a Shocking Answer. By: Steve Bardin – Justin Bryan First let me say that managing fish in a private lake is actually really simple. Just like any wildlife species, to be successful managing fish you need abundant forage, diverse habitat, genetics that promote desired traits, and reduced competition for […]