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Hall and Hall Land Management | Prescribed Fire for Quail

Prescribed Fire for Quail Jason Davis and Justin Bryan Prescribed burning or Prescribed Fire is becoming more recognized and accepted as a practical and necessary range management tool in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Prescribed burning refers to the act of burning designated rangeland under a certain “prescription” or specific environmental parameters from which to achieve […]

Hall and Hall Predator Management | Impact on Survival of Deer, Quail, Pronghorn, and other Wildlife

Predator Management and Impact on Survival of Deer, Quail, Pronghorn, etc. Justin Bryan Predators are an interesting subject when it comes to discussions of direct impacts on wildlife populations, especially prominent game species. Common predators of our various deer and antelope species throughout North America include coyotes, mountain lions, wolves, bears, and to a lesser […]

Hall and Hall Deer Management | Habitat Conditions for White-tailed Deer

Early Assessment of Habitat Conditions for White-tailed Deer Take into consideration that during the last 3.5 years in Texas, with ongoing drought conditions, the lack of quality antler growth was directly reflective of the lack of abundant, quality native forage.  Deer on habitats that were not properly managed prior to the drought suffered the most, […]