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1st Annual Quail-Tech Quail Management Symposium

1st Annual Quail-Tech Symposium | Quail Management   By: Justin Bryan   For little game birds, the quail draws a lot of attention – especially the bobwhite and scaled quail, respectively. Created in 2008, Quail-Tech was founded by Texas Tech University natural resource professors, Quail First and concerned north Texas “quail enthusiast” landowners. The Quail-Tech […]

Rainwater Harvesting for Wildlife and Livestock

Rainwater Harvesting Techniques   By: Justin Bryan Can we ever get off the water discussion in Texas? No probably not, especially in regards to livestock and wildlife. From a wildlife perspective, our native game and nongame species have, over time, developed survival characteristics that allow them to be somewhat drought tolerant…save those years (2010 – […]

Renewable Energy for Ranches | Smart Energy Solutions for Ranches

Smart Solutions | Renewable Energy for Ranches     By: Leo Crane, VP of Energy 1   Bottom line Benefits of renewable energy systems   Ranches throughout the west are regularly integrating renewable energy systems into existing structures. Renewable energy for ranches is a trend that’s poised to become even more prevalent as homeowners recognize […]

South Texas Native Food Plots for Deer

Native Food Plots for Deer   When it comes to white-tailed deer in Texas, most hard-core hunters think of south Texas, which they should, as south Texas has always been able to consistently produce large numbers of quality deer per acre. This is due to a variety of factors: the rich history of deer herd […]

Water! An Overlooked Asset When Buying Land

Overlooking Water When Buying Land   BY: Deborah Stephenson, DMS Natural Resources LLC Fall 2012     Benjamin Franklin’s statement, “When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water” speaks to the importance of water. However, water is an often overlooked asset in the land purchasing and decision making processes.  In most states, when […]

Operating Ranches | An Alternative to Farmland?

Can Operating Ranches Be an Alternative to Farmland? Summer 2012 Investments in land suitable for agricultural production have generated quite a lot of press over the last couple of years.  Most of that press has been directed toward Midwestern farmland in relatively high rainfall areas where row crop production is prevalent.  Competition for this land […]