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Hall and Hall | May 2016 Resource Management e-Newsletter

May 2016 Resource Management e-Newsletter

If April showers bring May flowers we should expect one heck of an explosion of color throughout Texas this month. Consistent heavy rains have been common from the Texas panhandle high plains region all the way to the gulf coast and piney woods of southeast Texas. What does that mean for those of us managing farms and ranches….deep soil moisture, abundant grass and forb growth, and way too many mosquitos. Let’s be honest, we would rather swat mosquitos than spend a summer hauling water to cattle.

The question regarding this summer and over the next 12 months is “who” is going to show up to the meteorological party? Will our good friend El Niño continue to bring cooler and wetter than normal winters that can carry into summer? Or will La Niña crash the event and bring dry winters that tend to create hot, dry summers? Current forecasts from NOAA predict that El Niño will in fact weaken and create the potential to transition into La Niña conditions by the fall…the level of intensity we do not know. So what does that mean for those of us who toil with soils, livestock, wildlife and fisheries?

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We don’t take it personal, it is just business. One should plan for the worst, hope for the best and most importantly have measures and benchmarks in place to allow for timely adjustments as conditions change, in order to maintain long term success. Doesn’t matter if your forte is livestock, agriculture, wildlife or fisheries; embrace the reality of the ever changing weather with a solid long-term management plan and confidently move forward.

As always, let us know how the Resource Management Group at Hall and Hall can assist you in the management of your ranch or farm.

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