Investing in Land

Investing In Land Is Investing In A Legacy

Investing in Land and Legacy

Leaving a legacy…as old age creeps into our skin, hair, eyes, and mind, we begin to take notice. Leaving a legacy…we consider what It might actually mean as life seems to become shorter and shorter. Leaving a legacy…means something different to each person.

For some leaving a legacy might simply be leaving a piece of themselves, a family, a business, whatever the case may be it is their stamp on life and on this earth. For many, however, leaving a stamp or a footprint involves land. There is something about leaving a chunk of land behind, whether it is passed on, passed down, or simply donated or continued to be managed or used, land always is one of the greatest legacies we can leave behind. From the national parks to your grandfather’s old farm, the land holds a sacred, special, unforgettable, and awe-inspiring place in our hearts. Whether it was simple recreation, a first deer hunt, hiking, or a life goal to restore, protect, or utilize the land, it’s all creating and leaving a legacy.

Selah: Water From Stone | Fin & Fur Films – Video Featured From Ben Masters Fin & Fur Films

(Video – Video Featured From Ben Masters Fin & Fur Films)- Nearly Fifty Years ago David Bamberger went public with Church’s Chicken and used the capital to purchase 5,500 acres of overgrazed land that was considered some of the poorest acreage in the Texas Hill Country. He devoted the rest of his life to restoring it. David cleared overgrown woody vegetation, allowed native grasses to grow, and literally created Water from Stone. The grasses soaked in rains took moisture into the porous rock below and filled hillside aquifers instead of running off. There was only one spring when he bought the place, now there are eleven. There were only 48 species of birds on the first bird count, in 2014 they counted 238 species. His example of land stewardship has been replicated across the region and he’s considered a visionary in land management and water conservation.

Leaving a legacy like David Bamberger, owner of the Selah Bamberger Ranch Preserve, is something many can only dream of. To one purchase a large tract of land or ranch is one thing, but to pursue a goal of restoring that land or ranch is another entirely. For David, leaving a legacy meant taking a ranch, and a piece of land that was considered “useless” and barren, and turn into a habitat teeming with wildlife and plant life. It was the goal of restoring, managing, and protecting a piece of land for generations to come.

The ranch was overgrazed, and overused with poor management practices, leaving a poor standing large acre ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Water, a valuable commodity in Texas was nowhere to be found on the ranch. It was David’s goal to figure out why, and how to fix the problem. By working to convert the poor habitat with undesirable species into a habitat filled with native grass species, David was able to create a favorable enough condition for the first spring to pop up.

With capital from selling a business, David was able to buy the 5,500-acre ranch and begin his work. For others wishing to invest in land for the purpose of starting and leaving a legacy, this might not be as easy. There are solutions. Land Loan Specialists provides financing for real estate purchases and the refinance of Farm Loans, Ranch Loans, Hunting Land Loans, Agricultural Loans, Farm Real Estate Loans and Land Loans in the following 13 states including Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Arkansas.

Invest in Land, Invest in a Legacy: Start Today!

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