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1st Annual Quail-Tech Quail Management Symposium

1st Annual Quail-Tech Symposium | Quail Management


By: Justin Bryan


For little game birds, the quail draws a lot of attention – especially the bobwhite and scaled quail, respectively. Created in 2008, Quail-Tech was founded by Texas Tech University natural resource professors, Quail First and concerned north Texas “quail enthusiast” landowners. The Quail-Tech mission became, “furthering the knowledge and understanding of the northern bobwhite and scaled quail and their habitat relationships with the goal of expanding the range of sustainable populations. Conducting research and educating new biologists and landowners in quail management in concert with Texas Tech University.” This mission and vision encompass some 38 Texas counties and 22 million acres.


With a large interest from landowners and quail hunting enthusiasts in general, Quail-Tech has become a leading force in north Texas in regards to quail management efforts on private lands.


On February 9, 2017, Quail-Tech held its first Quail Management Symposium in Lubbock, Texas. While Quail-Tech regularly produces e-newsletters and bulletins to highlight research efforts and findings, this marked the perfect occasion to gather landowners, quail fanatics and researchers together to discuss and celebrate the past and future achievements.


For more information on the Quail-Tech Alliance research, visit their website at www.quail-tech.org and their Facebook page. For assistance managing your property for quail, feel free to contact us at Hall and Hall.


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